Our addiction experts

Sober Families is proud to bring you a panel of therapists and researchers who are on the cutting edge of addictions science. They are all well versed in scientifically-based methods for treating people with addictions and helping their families. They host the regularly scheduled seminars in our community, contribute to our library of articles, our podcast, and ensure the quality of the Sober Families program.

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Dr. Christeine Terry is a licensed psychologist in California, Washington, and Oregon who specializes in the treatment of addictions and co-occurring disorders (i.e., co-existing addictions and other mental health conditions). She uses evidence-based therapies, as well as the CRAFT approach, with a diverse range of people with addiction and their families. She focuses on bringing a compassionate and nonjudgmental approach to her work. Additionally, Dr. Terry is active in research on stigma aimed at reducing stigma and shame toward people suffering with addiction.

As Lead Trainer at Sober Families, Dr. Terry is our main content expert and writer.

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Dr. Jason Luoma is a Licensed Psychologist in Oregon who has been researching addiction and ways to help people with addiction for over a decade and is one of the world’s leading experts on the stigma of addiction. He is interested in finding ways to help people with addiction in a manner that is nonjudgment, positive, and supportive. He provides training to therapists around the world on evidence-based approaches to therapy and addiction.

As clinical and scientific director, Dr. Luoma heads up the team of experts associated with Sober Families and also hosts the Sober Families Podcast.

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Ms. Shadee Hardy is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Oregon who has training in evidence-based approaches to addiction and working with family members dealing with an addicted loved one. She has been working with people with addiction and their families for over a decade.

As a Sober Families Trainer, Ms. Hardy provides training in CRAFT to families. She also works as a therapist at Portland Psychotherapy in Portland, Oregon.

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