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About Jason Luoma, Ph.D.

Jason is a psychologist who researches ways to help people with chronic shame and stigma and also works clinically with people struggling with those same problems.

SFP 003 – How does addiction affect families? How does drug and alcohol use hurt marriages and relationships?

In this episode of The Sober Families Podcast, we talked with Dr. Christeine Terry about the kinds of costs that addiction to drugs and alcohol can have for families. If you’re listening to this podcast, you’ve probably experienced first-hand the damaging effects of addiction on you, your family, and your addicted love one. Addiction has many costs, and some of the most “expensive” costs of addiction are the negative impacts it has on family members. In today’s show, will be discussing how addiction impacts families, as well […]

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The Rational Choices of Crack Addicts

This article briefly describes interesting research by Carl Hart, Ph.D., a psychology professor at Columbia University. Based on the findings from his research, Dr. Hart suggests that people with addictions are not drug crazed people who will do anything to get high, but when given other non-drug rewards (like money) they are able to make rational choices.
This is awesome news for people who have loved ones with addictions because it means that what we do and what opportunities we offer our addicted loved ones […]


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