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Review: Self-Care

Our latest theme on has been Self-Care.  When you have a loved one who is drinking too much or using drugs it is easy to lose yourself while trying to get them help.  Let’s review what we covered and see if you can find anything helpful for you & your relationship with your loved one.

We shared our thoughts, perspective & advice on the topic through these posts…

Alcohol & Violence
The Most Important Thing To Remember When Dealing With A Loved One’s Addiction
Protecting Yourself and […]


Protecting Yourself and Your Children from Violence at Home

In the previous post, Alcohol and Violence, we defined different types of violence and discussed domestic abuse. Additionally, we looked at the research on alcohol and violence. In this post, we address the specifics of how to protect yourself and your children if your loved one becomes violent or threatens harm to any of you.

It is critical to know that you do not cause someone to react with violence – it is a choice among many that they make in the moment. Nonetheless, there […]


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