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Fri Nov 14

How to Treat Marijuana Addiction

By |14 Nov 14|Categories: regular posts|Tags: |1 Comment

The question of whether marijuana is addictive can be evocative, and there are so many conflicting messages about the addictive potential of marijuana that it can be hard for people who are concerned about a loved one’s marijuana use to find more objective and less emotional information on marijuana and treatment for marijuana addiction.

As a therapist who treats people with addictions and family members of loved ones with addictions, I am often faced with the issue of whether marijuana can be a problematic drug. […]

Fri Oct 14

The family intervention process: Confrontation or community?

By |31 Oct 14|Categories: regular posts|Tags: |0 Comments

Here is a short read that does a nice job summarizing the Community Reinforcement and Family Training (CRAFT) approach and how it differs from more confrontational approaches.  This therapy is the one we heavily advocate and use with family members of addicted loved ones. Back in May (it’s amazing how quickly time goes by!) the Addiction Blog also had a post on CRAFT.

It’s wonderful that CRAFT is getting more positive press and being promoted on popular blog sites!

To learn more, check out our page on CRAFT:

Link: The family intervention […]


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