CRAFT is a program that helps Concerned Significant Others (CSOs) do two things:

  1. improve the quality of their lives and
  2. learn how to make treatment an attractive option for their partners who are substance abusers

Below is a chart showing how CRAFT compares to Nar-anon











* Based on: Miller, W.R., Meyers, R.J., & Tonigan J.S. (1999). Engaging the unmotivated in treatment for alcohol problems: A comparison of three intervention strategies. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 67, 5, 688-697.


Both Nar-anon and CRAFT can help you break the hold that your family member’s addiction has on your life.

However, only CRAFT teaches you methods to respectfully and non-coercively help your loved one to seek treatment.

If you have a loved one who needs treatment and are

  1. interested in improving your life, and
  2. learning methods that help motivate your loved one to seek treatment

call us at: 503-xxx-xxxx or contact us using the confidential form below.

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