Get help for an addicted loved one in Portland, Oregon


Like many family members, you have probably tried everything you can think of to stop or reduce your loved one’s drinking or drug use; yet he/she continues to drink or use.

At Sober Families we want you to know that there is hope, and that you can help your loved one quit and begin to build a life together not centered on drugs and alcohol.

If you live near Portland, Oregon, you have the option of working face-to-face with a highly trained therapist who knows how to work with families dealing with addiction. In our offices at Portland Psychotherapy, we offer the same guidance and training provided through our online Sober Families program, but in a face-to-face format.

The Sober Families Approach

We specialize in helping family members do two things:

  1. Learn and practice supportive and positive methods for motivating their loved one to cut back and stop using drugs or alcohol.
  2. Empower themselves to live a life not centered on their loved ones’ addiction.

We provide support and encouragement to family members to help them get their life back on track and teach skills on how to motivate their one to want to stop using drugs and alcohol. Our approach is based on a method called Community Reinforcement and Family Training (CRAFT), an approach that has been shown by research to help approximately 70% of families get their loved ones into treatment.  In addition, research shows that participating in a program like ours helps family members feel better about themselves, get their life on track, and improves their relationship with their loved one.

Our assumptions

Let’s make sure you know about where we come from before you contact us.

1. You need support.

You know from experience that living with an addicted family member is not easy. It’s hard to make changes and figure out what to do that is helpful. If you contact us, we’ll be direct with you: It takes time and work to learn the skills you need to move ahead, but we’re there to help and to teach you skills that have been shown in research to help thousands of families to get their loved one into treatment and their family back on track.

2. Getting your loved one sober is  NOT impossible.

Research shows that kind of approach we use at Sober Families is much more likely to help you get your loved one into treatment and onto sobriety than other approaches. Put simply, there are proven things you can do to influence your family member in a positive way. While their addiction is not your fault, there are things family members can do to change its course. Is changing addiction easy? No. Does it take time and energy? You bet. But if you’re ready to work on helping your loved one break the cycle of addiction, we’re ready to help and have some strategies that have been proven to help a lot of people.

3. You do NOT need to confront your loved one to get them help.

Our approach is non-confrontational, so there are no show-downs or surprise parties where you (or other family members) tell off the loved one and try to force him/her into treatment. If you get involved with us, we’ll teach you non-confrontive, loving ways to respond to your loved one that can motivate them to want to seek treatment and reduce the barriers to them getting the help they need. We’ll also support you in taking your life back from their addiction. We want you to have control over your life, whether your loved one gets sober or not. You have the right to a good life.


Meet our Portland Sober Families Trainer


Hi, I’m Shadee Hardy and I’m a clinical social worker who has spent over a decade working with people with addiction and their families.  If you’d like to talk to me about how to deal with your addicted loved and get your life back, feel free to call me at 503-281-4852 x17.

You can also contact me through the contact form below. I respond to all inquiries and will do my best to help you find some resources, even if that means referring you to other services. I understand how hard it is to have a family member with addiction and will do what I can to help you find your way. Just drop me a line.


Get help for your addicted loved one in Portland, Oregon

If you’d like to explore getting one-on-one counseling to help you with your addicted loved one, please fill out the form below. Our services are not free, but they are affordable for most people. If you think about how much money your loved one’s addiction is costing your family, then often it makes sense to invest some money in something that has a good chance of helping your loved one cut back or quit.  It usually doesn’t take very many meetings to learn what you need to help your loved one. And if you have health insurance, it will often pick up some of the tab.

If you’d rather contact us via phone, give us a call at 503-281-4852 and we’ll call  you back. We look forward to hearing from you. We’re here to help.

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P.S. If you’re not ready to meet face-to-face and would rather learn more about the resources available on our Sober Families Website and our podcast, then you can explore our online Sober Families training materials and program here.