Here on, our first theme was Options for Helping. Our goal was to share with you the best, most useful options you have to help your loved one get clean and sober.

We started out with a detailed post that outlined the 5 top options for helping a loved one with their addiction issues. The post explained each option, outlined pros & cons of each and tips on how to start using each option in your life. You can read that post here…

The 5 Options for Helping a Family Member with Addiction to Drugs or Alcohol

We then put out a call to everyone on our mailing list asking if they would like a chance to get personalized feedback from a psychologist with expertise in addiction (Dr. Christeine Terry). After reading our interviews with those that responded, Dr. T chose one person to respond to – Sue.

Dr. T then wrote Sue a personalized letter with advice on how she could start to work toward getting her life on track and helping her husband to get sober. You can read about Sue and Dr. T’s letter here…

Dear Dr. T – Help! What Are My Options??

Next, we sat down with Dr. T for a discussion about these options to get a more thorough understanding of what options people have in really hard situations like this and how they can start to do things differently. This was released in a podcast episode…

Resources for Families Where a Loved one Has a Problem with Drugs or Alcohol – Help for Husbands, Sons, Wives, and Daughters

Finally, we searched around the web for some helpful writings, advice & thoughts on the idea of what options are possible. Here is what we found…

Why Does Relapse Occur?

What To Look For In An Alcohol Rehab Center

Why A Drug And Alcohol Rehab Program Is Not A Last Resort

What I Wish I Had Done Differently With My Addicted Son

The next topic on our agenda will be Understanding Addiction. In order to help a family member with their addiction to drugs or alcohol, we need to understand how addiction works. To do this we’ll start by laying the groundwork for understanding…

  • How addictions works
  • What triggers addiction
  • How addiction is maintained over time
  • How addiction impacts families


Do you have any thoughts about these options for how to help?  Share your thoughts below…